Global Energy

Energy Integration in Latin America and The Caribbean

Gerald Doucet
Secretary General of The World Energy Council
Latin America in transition
Rodolpho Tourinho Nato
Minister of Mines and Energy, Federative Republic of Brazil
A changing energy landscape
Firmino Ferreira Sampaio Neto
President of Eletrobrás
Deepening structural reform
Henri Philippe Reichstul
President of Petrobras
A new sense of purpose
Tim Kieft
Director, Amerada Hess (Brazil) Ltd
Creating a balanced portfolio
David Zylbersztajn
Managing Director of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Brazil
Defending consumer interests
Dr Alí Rodríguez-Araque
Minister of Energy and Mines, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Opening the energy sector
James Scruby
Head of Corporate Finance, Dresdner kleinwort Benson
Capital constraints on expansion
Carlos A Contreras
Viceminister of Energy and Hydrocarbons, Republic of Bolivia
Promoting electricity exports
Daniel Gustavo Montamat
Secretary of Energy, Republic of Argentina
A common energy market
Francisco Fernando Ponasso
President of Edenor
Enpowering the consumer
José Luiz Alquéres
Honorary Vice-Chairman, WEC Executive Assembly
A new framework for energy trade
José Malhães da Silva
Chairman of the WEC Developing Countries Committee
Non-deferrable assistance
Finbar Gangar
Minister of Energy & Energy Industries, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Powerhouse of the Caribbean
Norberto de Franco Medeiros
Chairman of the WEC Brazilian Committee
The poverty challenge
Juan Eibenschutz
Honorary Vice-Chairman, WEC Executive Assembly
Connecting Central America